Polo can only be played right handed. Teams are made up of 4 players. The number one plays an offensive role and stays up front with the aim to score goals. The number two player will mark the opposing number three and should also support his own number 1 in attack. The team's best player usually takes the lynch pin role at number 3 and is responsible for controlling the speed and direction of play. At the back is the Number 4 who is the main defensive position and needs to have a strong back hand.


Horses for Hire

We have a number of horses available for hire. Polo horses are traditionally termed polo ponies. Our polo ponies are experienced at the game of polo and are available for hire for stick and ball sessions, practice chukkas or tournament chukkas.

If you are after a game at full speed, polo players holding a handicap are welcome to join in the weekend tournaments.

Meet some of our Team of Polo Ponies:

  • JasmineJasmine
  • TingaTinga
  • ChimeChime
  • Womba & VilliWomba & Villi
  • BongoBongo
The Reverend

Eastlynne The Reverend

Horse Sales

We have a small polo pony breeding programme and also buy young horses to train specifically for polo.

Polo Kidogo horses have played in both low and high goal tournaments in USA, UK, Spain and South East Asia.

If you are interested in our horse sales, please contact Brett direct.



Stallion Service

"Eastlynne The Reverend", a registered Australian Stock horse, stands at Polo Kidogo. "The Reverend" is by champion polo sire “Sapling” who’s progeny excel at many disciplines including international polo and polocrosse.